Pokémon GO Pokédex

Pokémon GO Pokédex

IV Checker - Pokédex

IV Checker is a tool to detect Pokémon's individual-values(IV) with Screenshots.
IV is invisible in playing Pokémon GO, but it contributes Pokémon's CP.
To find high-IV Pokémon, please make good use of this checker.

iOS app is released!
Automatic & Off-line IV’s Checker with ScreenShots.

1. Select Pokémon and your Trainer level.


Trainer level: 5

2. Adjust your Pokémon Level Arc.

To adjust correctly, Screenshots of Pokémon's Status are available.
Try sample? ( An image of Bulbasaur with Trainer-level: 17, CP: 215, HP: 39 )

Add Images(multiple) Image aligns

Pokémon level: 5

3. Enter your Pokémon's CP and HP.

CP : 10 range: 10 - 12
HP : 10 range: 10 - 12

Check your Pokémon's IV!

Lv: 5 CP: 10 HP: 10

Attack + Defense: 15 / 30

Hit Points: 15 / 15

There may be incorrect values.
Check the Pokémon Level Arc or CP or HP input.